Booking by internet

  • Customised website for your practice
  • Mobminder creates a custom website for you or integrates online appointment scheduling into your existing website. This module is optional and included in your package.

  • Visitor can schedule an appointment online
  • Set the online timeslots and services your clients can book.
    After all, your schedule is available online, integrated in your website, and your visitors can make appointments themselves on the internet.

  • Prepayment on online booking
  • Avoid unpaid and no-shows. We can set up a prepayment website or integrate it into your existing site. You choose the advance payment amount for each reservation. Prepaid deposits appear directly in your agenda.

  • Evaluation, comparative location
  • Mobminder is not a directory where you are listed among other practitioners/competitors. There is no danger of "shopping around", no online rating or comparative geolocation. Mobminder does not invite your visitors to try other establishments, you have your own website directly referenced by search engines like Google.

  • Registration of visitors
  • Your visitors only register in your practice. Mobminder does not collect any data or registration whose purpose is other than that proposed by your practice.

  • Advertising
  • No communication is labeled Mobminder and no advertising appears on the screen. We do not do branding. Mobminder does not try to divert or capture your visitors.

  • Time schedule, services and experts
  • The suggested time slots take into account the service, its duration and your schedule. Depending on the expertise, time slots of your employees or colleagues are suggested if you work at multiple.

  • Activatable by option
  • You can enable or disable online booking at any time.
    You can deactivate the online registration of new patients/clients, and thus reserve the online booking for known patients/clients to your register.

  • Included in the package
  • This option is included in the package, there is no surcharge.

  • Black list
  • You can identify the visitors for whom making appointments by internet is prohibited.

With an online appointment webpage
With an online appointment webpage

Electronic payment

With electronic payment
  • Save on fees
  • We negotiate minimum transaction fees for you with the banks.

  • All payment methods
  • Payment by QR-code or bank card, on-site, on the move or online. We advise you on the right solution for your business.

  • Prepayment on online booking
  • Avoid unpaid and no-shows. We can set up a prepayment website or integrate it into your existing site. You choose the advance payment amount for each reservation. Prepaid deposits appear directly in your agenda.

  • Trigger payments instantly
  • Each payment is associated with an appointment and a patient/client.
    You trigger payments directly from your agenda.

  • Payment status
  • Each payment is associated with an appointment and a patient/client.
    Your agenda shows you which services are already paid for and how much remains to be paid.

  • Payment management
  • Keep your records easily using the reports generated by your agenda.

With electronic payment

Reminders and communication

  • Automatic reminders, confirmations and dunning.
  • Messages are sent automatically as you have predefined them by SMS and/or email.
    SMS reminders drastically reduce missed appointments.
    Confirmation emails / SMS reassure your patients / clients about their future appointment.
    Automatic reminders for recurring services ensure that your patients/customers return.
    Communication campaigns to all your patients/clients or to a targeted patient/client base are also possible.

  • Personalized message
  • Messages contain all the information about the appointment as well as any other guidelines you wish to communicate.

  • Text written in the addressee's language
  • Regardless of your diary's language, send the message in the client's language

  • Unlimited texting and emails
  • Unlimited text messages and emails are included in your license fee. This avoids having to monitor a credit limit, or having a fluctuating bill amount.

  • Any communication is signed in your name with respect to your identity
  • All communications are signed in your name and no mention of Mobminder is made.

  • Delivery notification
  • Consult the delivery of your messages in real time.
    You can see if the message has been received by your patient/customer.

  • Answers from patients/clients
  • Receive, if desired, replies to SMS/emails on your professional mailbox.

With automatic messages
With automatic messages

Shared schedules

For an easy collaboration
  • Colleagues simultaneously manage one schedule
  • Several colleagues can simultaneously work on the same schedule with personal access.
    The patient/client register is common to your entire organisation.

  • Multiple locations
  • Work from distinctly different locations and connect to the same schedule at the same time.

  • Personalized view
  • In your organization, each employee will only see the schedules that matter to them.

  • Reporting and statistics
  • You can consult statistics of the agenda (e.g. the number and types of appointments per employee and the number of missed appointments for a given time period).

  • Audit tool
  • You can see which employee has created, modified or deleted an appointment or a visitor record.

  • Delegation schedule
  • You can easily divert your phone line and have your agenda managed by one of our partner. Contact us to receive the list of those located in your area.

  • Communication between team members and/or your secretary's office
  • We have created a non-intrusive chat that can be used with any device (computers, smartphones and tablets). This allows you to communicate effectively within your organisation and/or with your secretaries.
    The chat feeds are dedicated per patient/client.
    In addition, task and note tools are available.

For an easy collaboration

Simple, quick and ergonomic

  • A single ergonomic screen
  • Our numerous functionalities are accessible from very few buttons and menus. Everything fits in a single screen.
    It's quick and easy to learn, nothing like a complex business program.

  • Performance and limited number of clicks
  • Active collaboration with our various partners and attention to the needs of our users helped us to keep the number of clicks to a minimum. A focus has been placed on the software's performance in terms of responsiveness. Mobminder responds to each of your actions within 50 milliseconds. Your time is precious.

  • Assistant search engine for availabilities
  • With a single click and in less than a second, find the appointment that fits ALL THE CRITERIA, such as duration, operator, office, and the client's prefered moments.
    Booking equally as complex appointments has NEVER been this fast.

  • Holidays - Timetables - Services
  • Define your time slots, your holidays, the duration of your standard services and the assisted search will take all criteria into account.
    These preferences will also be taken into account if you activate the internet appointment booking.

  • Colors - Icons
  • The agenda adapts to your preferences in terms of visual appearance and ergonomics.
    Define colours for appointments, time slots and holidays to easily visualise your schedule. Use icons and colours to identify at a glance services, time slots, certain patient/client characteristics, notes, tasks or conversations with your staff.

  • Appointment overview
  • Browse clients' previous and future appointments and see at a glance the content of the appointment. The history of your agendas is kept permanently and replicated on several servers. We fully guarantee the safety of your data.

  • Smartphone and tablet application
  • The application (Apple and Android) allows you to use your agenda in a complete and ergonomic way. In addition, you have access to other functions such as GPS navigation to your patients/clients and the ability to call/send an SMS directly from the app.

Easier than a traditional agenda
Easier than a traditional agenda


  • Secured access - Encrypted data
  • Data are encrypted as soon as they're transmitted.
    We use a https connection.
    The S stands for secured, symbolized by the small padlock displayed in your browser.
    Our security certificates are equal to those used for online banking.

  • Automatic backups
  • Don't worry about your backups. Mobminder will do it for you.
    Your diary is never lost, even in case of very severe damage to your computer.

  • Replicated data
  • Backups happen instantaneously and are regularly repeated on geographically remote locations.

  • Immune to virusses and computer crashes
  • If your computer is infected with a virus or crashes, this will never impact Mobminder (because it's online).
    You can change your computer and retrieve your diary in the same state you left it in.

  • Protection of personal data
  • Your data belongs to you contractually. Mobminder does not have any rights to exploit your data.
    We comply with the European GDPR.

  • Frequent testing
  • Intrusion (hacking) tests are regularly carried out by independent cybersecurity companies.
    The most recent ones were carried out by Cresco Cybersecurity in 2021.
    Other tests have also been conducted by important corporate partners (SANOFI France, GSK Belgium, Intériale France).

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