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A community who works together to constantly improve the quality of Mobminder

+ 7200

real and active professionals use Mobminder. Ask us for references in your area.

+ 7.000.000

of clients/patients registered or were registered by professionals.

+ 1.000.000

upcoming appointments are currently planned

+ 21.000.000

appointments are already in the history, have been made and remain readable.

You are the centre of our attention

Because your critical resource is time, our mission is to simplify your professional life

With a solution that makes communication with your clients/patients and employees easier. Mobminder has rich and easy-to-use features that adapt to your needs, regardless of your sector of activity.

  • By being attentive to your needs
  • Mobminder is a human scaled company. The constant improvement of the solution is possible thanks to the proximity and exchanges with our partners and users.

  • By working with local experts
  • A network of partners allows us to stay close to our users and to provide them with the best support.

  • By developing an integral and user-friendly solution
  • With over 10 years of experience, we cover advanced needs without complexity.

Our partners

Olivier Gay
Mobikap France
Laurence Soetens
Pierre Halut
Laetitia Blanc-Laroche
Village n°1 Entreprises
Catherine Barthel
Bruno Willems
Vincent Sancinitto
Spitup Call Solutions
Véronique Vilim
Smile Office

The Mobminder team

Pascal Vanhove
Keevin Pierre
Commercial manager
Giraud Derlet
Account manager
Pascal Libert
Payment expert
Jonathan Bardo
Marketing manager
Bernard Spoden
Expert en télécommunication
Médéric Wautot
Administrative assistant
Florian Bertrand
Account manager

Milestones in our history


First text reminder

The first agenda prototype automatically sent a text reminder. Today, the text reminders are personalised and can contain up to 900 characters.


First car distributor

Mobminder has become a supplier of a d'Ieteren dealership in Namur. Mobminder sends instant SMS messages to owners to let them know that the car maintenance is complete.


First medical center

Mobminder has become a supplier of the Neutral polyclinic in Charleroi. The medical center is equipped with a multi-agenda solution for 35 doctors sharing one single patient register.


First call center partnership

The medical call center Burogest has chosen Mobminder. The partner has measured that call times are less than 20% for doctors who use the Mobminder solution.


First synchronisation

DentAdmin synchronised its calendar with Mobminder. The dental software E-dent and Octopus have also became technological partners of Mobminder.


Mobminder in France

After Mobikap had discovered already integrated features of Mobminder, the company stopped developing its own software and has become a distributor of Mobminder in France.


GSK Belgium

Mobminder has become a supplier to GSK in Belgium, as no branding is imposed. All appointment pages and communications are signed exclusively with the corporate brand. The flu vaccination and latest COVID campaigns have been supported by Mobminder.


Mobminder in Switzerland and Médecins du Monde.

Kisano started to distribute Mobminder in Switzerland.
Médecins du Monde has started to work with the Mobminder agenda.


Medical call center Spitup

The medical call center Spitup has chosen Mobminder for its ergonomics and automatic search assistant.

Technological partner

Oxteo has chosen to focus on the development of its electronic medical records software and has chosen to interface Mobminder to the cloud calendar solution.

H4D France

H4D France ( Health for development ) has chosen Mobminder to plan remote consultations. Mobminder is the only diary on the market that allows the allocation of two types of resources: the place of consultation and the doctor.


Technological partner

The company Offimed has chosen Mobminder as its exclusive partner for its agenda. Mobminder offers exceptional profit sharing conditions with all its technology partners.



Fond-Roy, AREA+, Titeca, CNP Dave, Epsylon and Saint-Bernard clinics have chosen Mobminder. Collaboration between all providers in these centres is enhanced by the unique chat system integrated into the Mobminder agenda.


Dietplus Europe

Dietplus Europe has chosen Mobminder agenda for all Dietplus centres. The company has equipped more than 200 centres with a Mobminder agenda interfaced with the Dietplus electronic medical records software.

AXA France

Mobminder has become a supplier for AXA France. The company has chosen Mobminder as the solution guarantees absolute compliance with RGPD standards and data confidentiality.


Specialised chat

Mobminder is the first application in the world that combines a professional agenda with a specialised chat service.


Electronic payment and pre-payment

Mobminder has forged partnerships with MasterCard and Payconiq to offer a wide range of electronic payment methods. Payment by QR-code or bank card, with your smartphone or a fixed terminal, at the point of service, on the move or by collecting deposits while booking an appointment online.


  • After 3 complete redesigns of the software architecture and a focus on performance and ergonomics, Mobminder is a software that responds to each of your actions within 50 milliseconds. Your time is precious.
  • The application is available on IOS and Android, and simultaneously compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • We are the first application worldwide that combines a professional agenda with specialised messaging between professionals within an organisation.
  • Mobminder is not a stock holded company. Our objective is not to enrich investors or shareholders. Escaping this financial drive, we can set real technological objectives of which our users are the unique beneficiaries. This while offering very competitive prices.
  • Mobminder does not apply strong branding. Your clients/patients register directly on your website and in your registry. Registration on a third party platform is not required (unlike platforms like Doctolib or Doctoranytime).
  • Communications to patients/clients are exclusively signed by your brand or institution name.

Mobminder sponsors among others the following professional associations

SSMG - Société scientifique de Médecine Générale

SMD - Société de Médecine Dentaire

COD - Collège d'Omnipratique Dentaire asbl

APAD - Association pour la Pratique de l'Art Dentaire

UPMO - Union Professionnelle de Médecine Ostéopathique

AMUB - L'Association des Médecins anciens étudiants de l'ULB

Estetika - Beauty expo for professionals