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We are convinced that creating a synergy with partners of different expertise is the best strategy to deliver quality service and product to the customer. As a native of a given region or operating in a given sector, you are best placed to serve a market. With 10 years of development, our professional cloud agenda has been enriched with a lot of features. By making Mobminder your ally, you offer your customers a successful and efficient product that adapts to any type of organisation.

You have one of the following profiles

You are located in an area

Distribute Mobminder locally

Whether you are a native speaker or have a geographical presence, we believe you have the ideal business expertise to best serve your users. You are based in a region where you know the language and culture well. You think there is an opportunity for a product like Mobminder. Your region stimulates the digitalization of companies. Mobminder is already available in 8 languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Polish.

You are operating in an economic sector with a complementary product

Increase your offer

Medical electronic records, call centres, corporate groups, banks and insurance companies, public services, operational planning and pharmaceutical groups have already chosen us. We do not impose any strong branding. You develop or market a product that is naturally associated with an agenda. You are looking to develop, increase your offer or develop the loyalty of your distributors or franchisees. Let's build a data exchange interface with your product together.

You are a freelancer or self-employed

Set up your business quickly

You are looking to develop an activity in the software sales sector or in a sector you know well and for which digitalisation is an opportunity. The Mobminder solution is suitable for various professional sectors such as medical, aesthetics, any business that operates on an appointment basis as well as operational planning in service companies.

You would like to join the Mobminder core team

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Are you looking for new professional challenges in a growing SME? We are looking for new talents!

We offer our partners exceptional financial terms

Depending on the sales cycle stages you manage, you bear the equivalent responsibilities and get proportional remuneration

Lead Generation





  • Business provider
  • You prospect a market to bring in new qualified leads as an intermediary. We take care of lead conversion, contracting, training, retention and invoicing. In return for a completed deal, you receive a one-time commission proportional to the value of the contract.

  • Representative user and franchise network
  • You buy, use and/or resell our solution in large volumes. For example, you are a medical call centre or a distribution chain for a mass-market product. Mobminder is integrated into your solution. We provide integration follow-up and second-line support. Depending on the volume of used agendas, you keep up to 50% of the operating margin on subscriptions resold to your customers. We promote your service to our direct customers so that our partnership leads to a 100% win-win deal.

  • Sales agent, account manager
  • You ensure the entire sales cycle directly and on behalf of Mobminder with the exception of invoicing. We generate hot leads for you. You negotiate and conclude contracts with the business user and ensure training, support and retention. In return, you receive a percentage of the turnover you generate. You are guaranteed recurring income up to 40% of the cash flow value of your portfolio.

  • Dealership
  • You handle all the sales cycle, including lead generation and invoicing on behalf of your own company. You resell Mobminder under another brand name, alone or as part of a solution or service that you develop. You establish your own tariff adapted to the competitive sector or the purchasing power of the region you are in. Depending on the volume of sales you achieve, you can earn up to 50% of the operating margin.

  • System integretor
  • You deploy Mobminder alone or integrated with other software within companies. Mobminder has APIs that allow various modes of interace with existing software or databases. You choose how far you take responsibility in the sales cycle. We offer you up to 60% of the margin made on these integrations.

Whatever your level of involvement, we will train you to optimise your performance. The quality of your service is essential.

We can create interfaces with any other solution

with us?

  • The product
  • The solution is reliable, high-performing and feature-rich. We have full control over our cloud technology, which makes it reliable and powerful. Our product has a wide range of features. We control the entire value chain (full-stack development). We do not use "off-the shelf" modules.

  • The supplier relationship
  • You are supported by a dedicated Mobminder staff member, invited to our events and to trade conferences or events that we already organise in your sector.

  • The freedom of branding
  • You can seamlessly integrate our product into your solution, preventing end-users from seeing our brand.

  • Full freedom of status
  • You choose the status that best suits your profile with the level of responsibility adapted to your expertise. Our partnership offers are multiple and flexible.

  • The remuneration
  • We are the only player in the market to share the profit margin fairly, taking into account your contribution to the sales cycle workload.

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