Agenda for
wellness professionals
Salons, beauty salons and spas


An agenda as simple as a paper one but much more ergonomic. Plan your appointments without changing your habits and consult your agenda from any device.


Personalised and automatic SMS and emails reduce absences and increase customer loyalty.


Create your own personalised agenda, with your own colours, images, schedules and breaks. Consult the customer files with notes and history.


A customised page is designed to automate the booking of your appointments via the internet and your social networks.

Keep control of your agenda

  • Just like your paper agenda, simple and efficient
  • Create, delete and move appointments with ease
  • A record for each client with notes and history
  • Agenda accessible from any device
  • Your contact person is always available to help you
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Reduce absences

  • SMS reminders sent automatically at a specified time, for example 24 or 48 hours before the appointment
  • Automatic confirmation emails with a content you have written
  • Check if your messages have been received by your customers with a receipt confirmation for each SMS
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Build customer loyalty

  • Boost your customer loyalty with automated communication campaigns
  • Send discounts to loyal customers of your choice by sms and email
  • Automatically send personalised birthday greetings
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Spend less time on the phone and more time with your customers

  • Activate, if you wish, the online appointment booking
  • An email can be sent to notify you that an appointment has been made online
  • Show up on Google
  • Link your appointment page to your social networks
  • Decide who can make an appointment online
  • Choose which services can be booked online
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Your appointment page is unique

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Personalise your agenda

  • Choose your colours
  • Define your schedules, holidays and breaks easily
  • Our support will help you to choose the best options
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Your agenda is unique

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We protect your activity

You already have a loyal patient base or clientele

Patient or client follow-up is important to ensure quality service in your professional sector,
Medical or aesthetic directories are not suitable for professions where loyalty is important. They stimulate comparison of services, shopping and rotation in your patient or client base.

You do not appear in a list

Avoid any competition with other establishments, abusive evaluations, comparative geolocation. Directories encourage people to abandon you to try a closer or more quickly available practitioner.
With Mobminder, your patients/clients can find you directly on Google or on a web address we reserve for you (eg.:

Your communications are made exclusively in your name

Your patients/clients register directly on your own registry and not on a third party service where they have to accept terms and conditions that are unknown to you. Mobminder does not act as an intermediary and does not act in an intrusive way to promote its brand. The emails and SMS that are sent to your visitors are signed exclusively on behalf of your establishment.

Cheaper than a forgotten appointment


Boost your agenda with these options

  • Electronic payment at your point of service
  • Online prepayment of booking appointments


You are self-taught :

39 € /month

  • Phone and email support
  • Online distance training
  • Including SMS reminders
  • Confirmation e-mails
  • Online appointment booking


We take care of everything :

59 € /month

  • Dedicated account manager
  • On-site training
  • Including SMS reminders
  • Confirmation e-mails
  • Personalized appointment booking page
  • Unlimited logins
  • Domain name
  • Complete setup assistance
  • Import of your current agenda
  • Import of your patient/client register
  • Referencing on search engines


Several agendas or part-time activity :

Degressive price

  • Premium Plan
  • Training of your staff and on-site
  • Multi-agenda views
  • Centralisation of your patient/client register
  • API, integration, dedicated project team
  • Call center

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